A pictorial tale of Charak puja

Charak Puja is a significant festival that pays tribute to Shiva and Kali, embodying themes of rejuvenation, absolution, and agricultural wealth. This celebration takes place on Chaitra Sankranti, the final day (April 14) of the month of Chaitra. Interestingly enough, this event ushers in the Bengali New Year that follows right after.


The week-long celebration from Gajan to Charak Puja begins in the last week of Choitro, the final month of the Bengali calendar, and continues until the end of the Bengali year.


Face painting is a significant ritual for the devotees. The festival of Gajan is observed to honor the divine union of Lord Shiva and Harakali, a manifestation of Goddess Parvati. Devotees, adorned in attire representing mythological figures, enact performances on public thoroughfares, thereby sharing their regional folklore.


The Charak festival celebrated in Kamalganj, Moulovibazer, involves a unique ritual where devotees dedicate themselves to the deity Shiva by suspending themselves from a tree. The underlying belief is that participating in this festival will usher in prosperity and eradicate any hardships or distress experienced in the past year.

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